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Home Studies in NatureOur research into Mary Treat has been given a boost in the form of associate professor of nineteenth-century science and Mary Treat expert Tina Gianquitto of the Colorado School of Mines who has generously offered us her help.  In collaboration with both our Cambridge and Harvard offices, Tina has provided an article on the role of domesticity and Darwin in Treat’s Home Studies and has been interviewed by a member of the Harvard team while on a recent research trip to Boston.  We look forward to bringing you Tina’s article and audio interview as part of our case study on Mary Treat in the near future!


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Dr Philippa Hardman has been appointed research associate for the gender stream of the Darwin Correspondence Project and is in the process of researching the life, works and achievements of Mary Treat — a nature writer and naturalist from Vineland, New Jersey.  Zephyranthes TreatiaeTreat corresponded with Charles Darwin more than any other of his women correspondents and is perhaps best known for her 1873 article Controlling Sex in Butterflies in which she made groundbreaking observations about the relationship between the amount of food ingested by butterfly larvae and the sex of adult butterfly. Treat also identified a number of new plant and insect species, including a rare fern, two new species of burrowing spider and the Zephyr Lily which was named Zephyranthes Treatiae in her honour.

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